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This on the left is me. Really.

My Mom likes this picture and thinks I'm cute. That's why I decided to use it here.

I'm Italian and I was born and raised in the Milano area where I spent most of my life.

Now I'm living in Ankara, Turkey where I moved a few years ago for work reasons (not photography .... my real work, the one that pays my bills!). That's why you'll find so many pictures of Turkey in my galleries.

Photography is a passion and this site is where I share my achievements.

Talking about achievements, I know .... there's still a lot I've to work on .... so, please, don't be too tough on me !

I hope you can enjoy watching my pictures as much as I did shooting them. That's why they are here.

This site is not a portfolio and its purpose  is not to show only a small selection of my best pictures. It was built to share pictures with my friends, my subjects and occasional visitors in a way that was more customized and personal compared to what could be done with the most commonly used social media.

The website is continuously evolving as new galleries are added. Please, come back soon to see more !

15 December 2013

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